New Jersey Communion Photographer, Verona Park


Malia did not only look absolutely gorgeous in her Communion dress,  but oh what a trooper! 

Don't let the stunning blue skies and bight sun deceive you-this pretty April day in Verona Park, NJ was FREEZING.  In fact, as we walked by the lake we actually got sprayed!  

I don't know about you, but can't you just see her 20 years from now looking just as gorgeous in her wedding dress!!!  But Let's not rush time... 

Can you even pick a favorite?  




It's all in the details! Tell your story in pictures...

Sure, everyone wants that perfect posed picture once in a while, but capturing life's little details can evoke so much more.  
Whether it's documenting a family vacation, a special event in your child's life, or just your everyday craziness-capturing the unique details will create memories you and your children will look back on and love.
When my daughter was born we started a family tradition of vacationing for one week every summer at the Jersey Shore.   Each summer I would tell our story through countless pictures and create an album compiling all of our cherished moments.  My family loves receiving these as precious keepsakes of our favorite place.  
Each book makes us laugh and cry to see just how fast time flies...  This summer, tell a story with your camera-you won't regret it!
I always make sure to capture the "little things" at every photo shoot.  As they say, "...One day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Boys always have the best eyelashes!

A bouquet for mommy from those tiny hands

Senior year memories-best friends forever...

My daughter's gorgeous blonde highlights from the summer sun

First time wearing mascara

A special game played at your house

Those tiny baby toes:)

The way your cat folds his paws in his special place in the sun

A feeling, a smell, a taste that brings you back...

This summer, make it a priority to freeze the details of your everyday moments!  

xo  Jessica

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